Simple pleasures

November 09, 2020

After coming across this list, the epicurean in me would cringe on few of these, regardless I’m starting one of my own.

I’ll keeping on adding to this as and when possible.

  1. A good night’s sleep
  2. Completing a run
  3. Peeing after holding for a long time
  4. Reaching the summit
  5. Watching the snow fall
  6. Hugs, when initiated by others
  7. Pancakes for breakfast at 15k feets
  8. Silence
  9. A cold shower on a hot day
  10. Gazing the night sky
  11. Getting drenched in rain
  12. When the favourite songs comes up on shuffle
  13. Effortless conversations
  14. Staying up all night to watch the sunrise
  15. Smoking up a good batch of pot
  16. Finishing a book only to start reading it again
  17. A pair of woolen socks on a freezing winter night
  18. Delaying gratification

Written by Srijan who currently lives in Dharamshala and spends his days learning to code among other imaginative things.