Setting it up

May 30, 2019

So I was recently introduced to this new medium of writing blogs by @nnnkit. This got me curious and led me to set this site up. Pushing out blogs from your code editors. Nice eh? :)

Some of you may wonder what I plan to do with this now?

Well, for starters my aim is to write and publish things I learn or consume on regular basis. It could be about.

  • Programming where I am trying to stay afloat, or
  • Insights from the books I read and find interesting

Or about the things I’m fond of, say living outdoors, running, mountains et al.

For anyone to whom this may appeal, here is a handy guide on markdown to get you started with a Gatsby blog.

Written by Srijan who currently lives in Dharamshala and spends his days learning to code among other imaginative things.