Realizations with time

January 18, 2020

One look at the mundane things and catching those miniscule details makes you realize how ineffectively you have been doing everything so far. So here’s a list of random oojahs in no particular order that struck me in the last year.

  • Washing clothes inside-out: One neat trick to increase the life of your garment. You would expect a boarder to know how to do his laundry, but I’m embarass to admit I learned this recently.
  • In winters, layer down your clothing: Having stayed in the colder regions of India for the better part of last few years, this is what no one tells you. Underrated .
  • Keeping temper in check: This one might sound lame but you would hold your calm better given any situation if you’re not hungry. Remember when people go hungry to hangry?
  • Develop a system of note-taking when it comes to reading books. Helps you retain what you read for longer time.
  • Be a quitter when it comes to bad books. You don’t have to finish every book you start reading if it doesn’t interest you halfway - @Naval. This has allowed me jump books and read them parallely across genres.
  • Second order thinking : How often do we look beyond the immediate consequences? We are quick to dismiss a person based on first impressions since we hold them in high regard but do you ever think how much more a person has to offer if we go beyond the superficial thinking of the first order?
  • Do not try to force things you have no natural inclination to. You’ll know it eventually.
  • Compounding your actions: A habit done right over a period of time helps you develop a system which has far reaching affects than goals.
  • Do not recommend things to people you haven’t tried yourself: This is something I have noticed people do often. They try to shadow their interest on others just because they like to see it in play.
  • It can be hard to separate the things you like from the things you’re impressed with. One trick is to ignore the presentation. - @Paulg
  • Keep check on the kind of content you consume on day basis. It may shape your ideas in the longer run. This ends up having far reaching consequences than people seem to be aware of. In the age where we’re are outraging everything, something being indifferent maybe a better strategy.
  • Keep people on speed dial. Set up emergency contacts. Unpopular, but worth doing.
  • Learn to separate your goals from your decisions. They are two different things.
  • “Existence is an ever-unfolding, hyper-networked, fractal thread of threads of cause-and-effect events” -@visakanv
  • Acquire a new language through context than learning.
  • What you put in your subconscious mind before you go to bed, affects how your next day will turn out.
  • Learn to speak your mind: You might end up irking people but atleast it won’t be you.
  • Categorize stuff: Be it books, bookmarks, music, notes etc. It’s easier to look them up back again. I have always been more of a blithe than an organizer when it comes to giving a structure to things but it’s changing for the better now.
  • People want to be recognized. It reminds them they exist. Never take that away from anyone.
  • Sometimes, silence is an answer.
  • Outlier over being an average. That’s all where the struggle is.

Written by Srijan who currently lives in Dharamshala and spends his days learning to code among other imaginative things.